Complaint review process

  1. The ANO will acknowledge receipt of your complaint promptly and give you a complaint reference number.
  2. The ANO will consider your complaint in line with the ANO Charter.  You will be advised within 10 working days if the ANO will or will not review your complaint and, if not, the reasons for this decision.
  3. If the ANO decides not to review your complaint and you wish to object to the decision or amend your complaint, you will need to do this within 10 working days of being notified.  Otherwise the complaint will be closed.
  4. If the ANO decides to review your complaint, you will be advised and the complaint will be referred to Airservices Australia along with specific queries. The ANO may also seek other information or an interview (by telephone or in person) with you, any other party, or Airservices Australia's staff or management.
  5. The ANO will consider all available information and conduct the review in a fair and transparent manner, having regard to:
    • sound administrative processes
    • Airservices Australia's statuatory obligations
    • applicable industry regulations, codes or guidance
    • good industry practice
    • previous relevant decisions of the ANO or Commonwealth Ombudsman.
  6. The ANO will conclude reviews as quickly as possible.
  7. Where the complaint is a simple matter the ANO will advise you and Airservcies Australia of the review conclusions, with details included in the next routine ANO report to the Airservices Australia Board.
  8. Where the complaint is complex, perhaps leading to the identification of systemic issues, the ANO will conclude the review and provide a report including recommendations to the Airservices Australia Board.  You will be advised of the ANO's review conclusions and recommendations.
  9. ANO reports and recommendations will be published on this website, subject to confidentiality and privacy obligations.


The ANO will acknowledge receipt of your complaint and advise within 10 working days if it will be reviewed or not.

Some complaints can be reviewed and concluded quickly, i.e. within two or so weeks. More complex complaints may take weeks or months. The ANO will keep you informed of progress at regular intervals or you can contact us any time for an update.

Complaint Status

We will keep you informed of the status of your complaint. If you wish to enquire about your complaint's status, please contact us.

Last Updated: November 11, 2010